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*Will have updated content and new methods and free copy and paste campains 

-This post was made: May 1st 2017 

Updated: 12/03/2016


What CPA Networks Should You Join?

#1 Cash Network 

To Join Cash Network it's invite only so you need a good refferal link to get in. 

Click Here To Join Cash Network <--- 

#2 MaxBounty 

To Join Maxbounty it's invite only so you need a good refferal link to get in. 

Click Here To Join MaxBounty <--- 

#3 Peerfly 

To Join Peerfly it's invite only so you need a good refferal link to get in. 

Click Here To Join Peerfly <--- 

Before Applying To A CPA Network Here Are Some Tips! 

  • Learn what a "Lead" is (A person interested in the offer) (potential buyer) 
  • Learn what "Capture Page / Squeeze Page / Sales Page/ Funnel " are. (Where Your Leads are presold by you) (custom websites you make to move traffic to generate sales) 
  • Learn what a "Niche" is ( The industry you want to promote, for example "cooking Niche" you'd be promoting stuff related to cooking) 
  • Blackhat Marketing (breaking rules, usually hiding what your promoting from people or the CPA networks) 
  • Whitehat Marketing (squeakly clean offers/landing pages basically playing by the rules) Stick to this! <<<< 

Before you apply to CPA networks be sure you know watch a few videos below so you know what your talking about! 
Maxbounty is a VERY good network but you have to pass a phone interview to get in. It's NOT hard to get in but they do require you know the basics! Theres thousands of CPA networks out there so if you cant get into the above it's NOT the end of the world just google some! (Just make sure to look up reviews to make sure they're legit and payout! ) 


Updated As of 12/03/2016 Fixed Link!

You get paid instantly 50% commision via paypal / check etc.

How to resell: 

Step 1:) 

Make an account at 


They handle the payouts 

(instant to your paypal) 

Once you have an account created: 

Here is the link to the affiliate link:


Click on "Login" or "Get Link"

Now apply, I have it set manual review / delay pay until you establish a few sales then we can talk about instant payouts. If you sold my last course just let me know I'll put you in instant pay right away. 

Apply, then hit refresh you should be able to get your own link coded to you. 

Every time you get a sale you will get paid 50% instantly to paypal. 

make sure to set up paypal or however you want to get paid before promoting.

Thank you for becoming an affiliate - Junior Serrano

Junior Serrano : Paid Traffic Training Course For CPA,

and Other Affiliate sales/leads/traffic needs etc....

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Junior Serrano

Facebook Modules: Video 1 Of 3

Facebook Modules: Video 2 Of 3

Facebook Modules: Video 3 Of 3

Visual Of The Perfect Setup

(Model Your Ad Campaign)

Picking A Niche And Making A Fan Page

Data Research + Capture/Sales Page

Tracking Where Your Profits Coming From


Facebook Ad Creation And Tracking

BONUS: Facebook Live Case Study Results
(When To Spot A BAD Campaign!!)

Bing Section: Video 1 Overview 

Bing Setting Up Campaigns/Sales Page/Tracking

Done For You FREE CPA Winning Case Study Campaign Facebook PPC

Free Bonus Section:




Updated April 29th 2016 : 3:54AM by 

Junior Serrano

Email: JuniorSerrano@gmail.com for help or issues. 

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/WilsonJuniorSerrano : Inbox Then send a friend request because I'm maxed at 5,000 FB friends sorry. 



This section is reserved for updates on the Above Facebook Live Case Studies and Live Bing Case Studies. 

1 FB Campaign ✅

1 Bing Campaign [not done yet]


There will later be an option to purchase my winning campains for a low low one time cost will also include built for you landing page proven to convert with the offers. (Will have a buy button in this section at a later date
Resell this course for 50% commision application will be here soon. 


Stay tuned with this page will update accordingly Thank you for buying. 

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