UPDATE! JetSet Profits 2.0 Is coming! 

*Free to everyone who purchased this training 
*Will have updated content and new methods and free copy and paste campains 

-This post was made: May 1st 2017 

Junior Serrano's CPA video Training Course

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Updated: 12/03/2016

*Note: Maxbountys application website had a small graphic update. Same concept to get in. 

Step 1 : ) Click here to join Maxbounty under my referral link. 

Using my link will severly increase your chances of getting accepted into the Maxbounty network significantly 

I've been a member since 2012 with perfect standing with them. 



If you DO NOT get accepted into maxbounty it's NOT the end of the world. 

here is a list of alternatives CPA networks to join. 


I highly recommend joining as many CPA networks as possible as this training is universal:


Cash Network * Great Network I use this more than maxbounty *
Peerfly * VERY GOOD network as good as Maxbounty  *
CPA grip
same as above: has better offers 




CPA LEAD : Daily Payments!!!/ weekly fast payouts 
  (instant approval)
Easy sign up!!
-If you don’t have a website put: youtube.com
You only have to submit your personal info and how you want to get paid(paypal),you will get accepted instantly!!!


CPA networks :by Junior Serrano


List of Alternatives


You can always google for more but these are some that I recommend. 
The above are easier to get into than the ones below.

www.sharesale.com (requires an email with your own domain)
capital network
comission xchange


Junior Serrano's CPA video Training Course 

Part 2 of 3

In This Lesson I cover.
* Picking An Offer  *

* Getting Your Links
* Spot Bad Offers
* How we get paid

Junior Serrano's CPA video Training Course 

Part 3 of 3

In This Lesson I cover.
* The 100% Free Way 
* Autopilot Way
* Paid Stuff [optional]
* Live Examples

Junior Serrano's CPA video BONUS

 BONUS / Automation Tools / Buy Accounts 

all the paid extra stuff is 100% optional , you can do all the above manually. 

I've had people make $3,000/M doing all the above free methods off their smartphones.

Results will varry I'm NOT making gurantee's just reminding you it's possible.

These methods are proven and over 40 people have seen diffent levels of success . 

The Website below where I used to get my Social Media Accounts to Bot has been very slow at delivering accounts so buy at own risk.

More Social Media Account Sellers : new as of 12/03/2016

More Social Media Account Sellers: New as of 12/03/2016 this source is a forum so you can search for more sources here

(make sure to read reviews from buyers ) 

3/18/2016 Bonus video + plugin $100 value

See me create a HIGH converting landing page LIVE unedited

The "Please Wait Searching For Results" HTML code: 
Make sure you copy this and edit the URL to your own URL. INTO the HEADER:

I highlighted the red part of the code that's what you put YOUR url in and the "6" is the amount of seconds you can change to how ever long you want.

Click on > Settings Icon (next to the eye ball icon) in instabuilder > Scripts/Codes:

<META http-equiv="refresh" content="6;URL=http://tggworld.com/dating-2-2-2/">
<body bgcolor="#ffffff">
Finding Matches..Please Wait 10 secs If you Aren't Redirected Click Here To Continue

How To Set Up Wordpress/Godaddy/HostGator


You get paid instantly 50% commision via paypal / check etc.

How to resell: 

Step 1:) 
Make an account at 
They handle the payouts 
(instant to your paypal) 

Once you have an account created: 

Here is the link to the affiliate link:

Click on "Login" or "Get Link"

Now apply, I have it set to AutoApproval so anyone who wishes to resell

Apply, then hit refresh you should be able to get your own link coded to you. 

Every time you get a sale you will get paid 50% instantly to paypal. 

make sure to set up paypal or however you want to get paid before promoting.

Thank you for becoming an affiliate - Junior Serrano

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