Mylikes dark secret?




Mylikes does it work?

My name Junior Serrano and I have been using Mylikes 

for about a year now, It’s a very easy way to monetize your social media sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube
  • blogs


All you do is pick an advertiser and put your custom link in and every time somebody clicks you get paid $0.01-$0.03

I was setup to get a 10.00 payout on a youtube video and got this email.I’ll cut and paste It for you.See below for email.

The reason for disapproval is – Click fraud: Dear MyLikes user,

We have noticed that you are asking some of your Twitter followers to click on your ads. Asking for clicks on ads is a violation of our Terms of Service, and we have disapproved some of your ads because of this reason. If you continue to engage in this or other practices in violation of our Terms of Service, we will suspend your MyLikes account.

I never asked for clicks on the video,anyway I had 2 videos 1 for a contest on ps3 I was trying to win for my nephew and nieces and another for killslow.The killslow 1 had earned like over 10.00.They took my earnings away for the killslow video and kill both videos too.Anyway have not posted anything for them for over 3 weeks now even through I keep getting emails asking me to do so.
So I wrote them back telling them about a youtube video that I did about them exposing them as a scam site and they have a week to get back In touch with me or I’ll make It go viral.The video Is private on youtube for now waiting till Monday to be released for everyone to see.I told them they done messed the wrong person over for the last time and my video will be a home run for me.I’ll post the link for you when It goes public and you all can spread It like wildfire then. ”


Mylikes dark secret?

Does Mylikes have some kind of deep dark secret?

The answer is……… yes.

They are known for skimming.


What’s skimming? Skimming is when the company shaves off a lot of your hard earned work.

One week I earned $350.00 from Mylikes and all they did was pay me $90

That got me soo mad and when I argued to the company I got zero result.

Mylikes very strict ?

Mylikes is also known to be very very strict company. I have been banned from them multiple times over very little things, sometimes you aren’t allowed to post on, say Facebook.

You have to be very careful and have a big following to make good money in Mylikes.





















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