Stephen Collins sex tape Child Molester Predator GRAPHIC VIDEO

Stephen Collins sex tape scandal on video

Stephen Collins sex tape video

Stephen Collins sex tape video

The ex-wife of seventh Heaven star Stephen Collins disclosed she was ‘sickened’ once her husband allegedly confessed to living a vile ‘secret life’ within which he abused many kids.
In bombshell divorce documents obtained by an Email about Stephen Collins sex tape Child Molester Predator GRAPHIC VIDEO Faye Grant claims the actor used his celebrity standing to kill underage women and ‘engender the trust of the families of the youngsters he molested’ in a very decade of abuse. Stephen Collins sex tape is now going viral.
Devastated Faye conjointly disclosed Collins was treated for a sex addiction and was seeing a ‘sexual dysfunction’ healer, however he refused to hunt correct facilitate or hospitalization for his ‘predilection towards children’, she said.
In bombshell divorce documents obtained by MailOnline, Faye Grant claims her husband Stephen used his celebrity standing to kill underage women and ‘engender the trust of the families of the youngsters he molested’ in a very decade of abuse
The actor WHO contend Pastor Eric Camden, the virtuous father on long-running family drama seventh Heaven, is allegedly below investigation for kid molestation.
In the court filings Faye same she 1st learned of Collins illness within the presence of his healer in Jan, 2012 – once twenty seven years of wedding.
And in keeping with the papers she spent twenty months dealing with the trauma of his alleged abuse on kids and worrying regarding her \’moral and legal responsibility\’.

Stephen Collins sex tape has wife in tears

Stephen Collins sex tape video

Stephen Collins sex tape

Stephen Collins sex tape

She said: Obviously I’m sickened by Stephen’s actions. I even have urged Stephen multiple times to hunt correct treatment for paraphilia.
\’I am notably terrified of what could happen if he doesn\’t obtain treatment, as a result of he could also be operating or interacting with kids in reference to his employment.\’
Tapes of Collins confession given throughout a wedding medical aid session emerged within the past twenty four hours
In the court filings Faye same she 1st learned of Stephen Collins illness within the presence of his healer in Jan, 2012 – once twenty seven years of wedding
In the tapes, obtained by TMZ, Collins admits that he exposed himself to many young women between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Stephen Collins sex tape confession one of many more out there? VERY SICK.
The NYPD is currently reportedly work the claims Collins had \’inappropriate sexual contact with at least three minor victims.
The 67-year-old actor allegedly created a written confession to his currently ex-wife Faye Grant in 2012, that sparked the medical aid session.
Grant in secret recorded the session below the weighing of her professional, WHO told her it had been legal in Calif. to record conversations so as to collect proof on an individual WHO has committed a violent crime.
In the recording, a person with Collins distinct voice admits exposing himself to associate 11-year-old relative of his 1st mate Marjorie Weinman. Collins and Weinman single in 1978.
He conjointly confessed to touching the young relative.
There was one moment of touching wherever her hand…I place her her hand on my erectile organ, Collins says.
Collins is best far-famed for his role as Pastor Eric Camden, patriarch of the humanitarian Camden tribe, on long-running drama seventh Heaven. Last month he tweeted this photograph of a forged reunion dinner attended by his foremr co-star Jessica Biel, center
That incident of molestation was really reported in 2012, and may still be prosecuted since the statute of limitations starts at the date of coverage.
In the divorce documents Faye says Collins’ healer later disclosed to her that her husband has narcissistic disturbance with personality disorder tendencies.
She said: ‘In the presence of his healer, Stephen admitted that he has engaged in a very long run pattern of sexually abusing minor kids, together with sexually molesting 3 young women over a decade ago…I believe that there are different victims, however he has so far solely confessed to those women.
Faye same that one among the victims Collins confessed to molesting lives in la and therefore the different 2 were in ny.
She said: The 2 ny victims were apparently ill-treated over the course of many years, from the ages of ten to fourteen years previous.

Stephen Collins sex tape Bombshell Scandal

Bombshell: In November of 2013, Grant filed papers once more since the divorce was taking too long to be finalized, wherever she disclosed having learned of Collins\’ ill health and asking that any legal liability Collins may need wouldn’t start up of her pocket
My understanding is that every one 3 of those victims area unit currently over the age of twenty six.
She same it’s her understanding that there’s presently associate open investigation with the ny town Special Victims Unit with relation to one among the victims WHO filed a statutory offense claim against Collins in November, 2012.
Again I had no information of Stephen’s secret life till Jan 2012. I detected accounts of Stephen’s secret life from Stephen’s healer, his in-law, his sister-in-law’s husband, and Stephen himself.’
Faye says she never witnessed any of the abuse 1st hand and never suspected her husband was abusing kids.
She added: ‘After Stephen admitted to molesting the 3 young women, I reported his acts to the police in each la County and ny town.’
The couple were married for twenty seven years before Faye 1st learned that her husband had been engaging in a very long run patterns of sexually molesting children, in keeping with court documents.

Stephen Collins sex tape should make him go to jail

Collins marked aboard Whoopi Rube Goldberg within the 1985 romantic comedy Jumpin\’ Jack Flash
In Jan 2012, Stephen admitted abusing 3 underage women over a decade earlier – 2 of whom he ill-treated over a amount of many years.
One victim filed a report with authorities in ny town.
In Gregorian calendar month 2012, Faye received letters and a telephony from the furious husband of 1 of the victims, angry at Faye for not turning Stephen over to police.
The husband vulnerable to bring a civil causa against Faye for Stephen’s actions.
Faye has currently taken proceeding to make sure that Stephen is control exclusively answerable for his crimes and pay compensation for the injury he has done to her.
She same in her statement: ‘I am conjointly terrified of the potential consequences that Stephen’s behavior could have on behalf of me, together with risking my name and resource.
I conjointly worry that i’ll probably face civil (or even criminal) liability for Stephen’s actions of putting it on tape is dumb lastley and disturbing to say the least . What are your thoughts on Stephen Collins sex tape scandal?

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